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Intralink 3.1 and family tables


New member
Can anyone out there solve this problem or give me a valid reason. A particular object which is not generic in commonspace is checked out and a family table is created with instances . When we try to check in this object, now made generic with instances Pro-intralink crashes. it does not allow you to check in the object. What might be the reasons ?
Did you 'verify' all the instances before you got out of the family table? If not, verify the instances, save the family table and then save the part/assembly. Otherwise, it could be a setting in Intralink. Let me know it that takes care of it.
To elaborate more on the problem described by kaushik. In spite of verification and rechecking and saving all the parts, family table, etc, when we try to check in the objects, it just gives and error message and the intralink quits whithin a few seconds. The irony is that this does not happen if we go about creating new instances for an object which already has a family table in the commonspace.
Simple Question, did you have to rename the file you are turing into a generic?

Reason and a commonly made mistake.

You create a single file in Pro/E and later find it fits nicely into a table, Remember to RENAME the Generic file name... In Intralink too

Problem is when you name a instance the same name as a part that has already been placed in Intralink, it gets confused. Not sure if this is hat you are looking for... but oh well if it isn't


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