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Intersection between two solids to obtain liquid inside a container


New member
Hi there!

I need to model a bottle (or whatever container) with liquid inside. That was pretty easy to do in Solidworks but I cannot find the way to do it in CREO as I am a beginner in this software. What I plan to do is described in the image attached.

View attachment 7004

I've been doing some tests with the components tools, but no success. Any ideas?

Thank you!



New member
Creo / Pro-e is pretty lame with basic bolian tools. Check the asm component functions. The help files can use an upgrade too. All the Best with your Creo journey.

To Create a Part from an Intersection
You can create a part in Assembly by intersecting several existing components. These parts do not need to have the same units of measure. You can also modify existing parts in an assembly by intersecting them with another part.
1. Click Create. The Create Component dialog box opens.
2. Click Part, and then Intersect.
3. Accept the default file name or enter a new file name, and click OK.
4. Select parts to intersect.
The new part represents the common volume of selected components.
5. Click OK. The new part is added to the Model Tree.

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New member
canoemike, I think your perspective may be off slightly. Think of a Boolean operation as a top down approach and you can obtain the same result. We teach to use surface offsets published out into the fluid part. From there you can obtain Cubic inches and covert to Volume OZ. I suggest displaying that information onto the detail drawing. This techniques is apart of the design engine advanced assembly class BTW