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internal spur gear


New member
hi guys

anybody got a model of an internal spur gear that they would be willing to share?

there is a model of an internal spline on the files page but i need a spur gear profile




New member

1. Take the Spur Gear and down load it.

2. Create a new blank gear.prt.

3. Create an assembly.

4. Assemble the blank gear.prt. (YOUR GEAR).

5. Then assemble the Spur Gear .

6. Now you can do a modify/modify part/feature/

feature create/cut.

7. Now use the Spur Gear to create a profile.

8. After you are finished with the cut. save the

assembly. (erase not displayed)

9. Open (your_gear.prt), Redefine cut Pro/E will ask

you about the referances to the Spur Gear. Make sure

you remove all referances.

10. Re-dimension cut and save.

11. Congradulaions you now have an Internal Spur Gear.


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