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Interior flange


New member
OK, now I'm getting desperate.

This is another post about the interior mitered flange. It takes two seconds to do in SolidWorks.

Can anybody PLEASE give me some advice?

It seems like a simple feature, on about 70 percent of the sheetmetal enclosures you look at.

The part is the enclosure for a computer, I am practicing in sheetmetal in Pro/E 2001 Student version. The flange runs around the edge at 90 degrees on all three sides, with a notch cut to miter the corners. There are tabs for fit and attachement that come off this flange. If I try to sweep the edge, I get Invalid chain of edges or Invalid cross section.

Is there something simple I am overlooking? Can this feature only be done if I start with a solid and then convert to sheetmetal?

Any replys appreciated.



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