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interchange complications


New member
I am creating an assembly using the interchange feature. All goes well and successful until the finish. The piece or feature I just imported using the interchange is represented using hidden lines in some spots where they should be solid lines and some of what should be hidden lines shows as solids. Anybody else had this problem or know of a fix
Maybe this has something to do with the refreshing of the screen image, or the lack of refreshing. Otherwise, if you are in hidden line mode and there are interferences, Pro-E will do that. If you get rid of the interference, it will go back to normal.
As stated above, most likely it is caused by interference of the interchanged part with the assembly you swapped it in. However, if this is in the interchange assembly, you should make sure that the parts in the interchange assembly are clear of each other. The edges you are seeing that should be hidden and are showing solid most typically are because Pro/e isnt correctly finding the place where the parts intersect. This is common in assemblies where a press fit or interference fit is represented.


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