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interactive test capture


New member
I am trying to implement interactive test capture (ITC).
Not being used to windows command line I'm having some
issues trying to set it up as pure batch, but I suspect
I'll slog through that okay. The main problem is that
my tests are running twice. And since each one may
potentially take up to half an hour ...

Just a tad annoying.

So I'd appreciate it if anybody has seen something
similar and has a solution they would share.

Thought I would let people know the solution,
if not the cause.

my original implementation was either from the command line or from a batch file, as such:

mkodt -s


call mkodt -s

Then, because I was annoyed with the
"This has no pertinence to intel_a"
message I used:

call mkodt -NoPert -s

and viola, no more repetitive replays of captured



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