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Insufficiently Constrained


New member
I am working in ProE/Mechanica with a bent tube with a bracket on each end. I have set the bottom surface of each bracket as fixed in all ways (rotation and translation).

When the modal analysis runs, i get an "insufficiently constrained" error. Any suggestions?
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New member
Is any of the assembly components packaged? Make sure all components
are fully constrained (in the assembly constraints definition). Also if
you are using shell elements and you are not running WF2, you'll need
to make sure that there are no gaps between the parts after midsurface
compression. (I'm assuming this is an assembly and not a part, right?)


New member
I am using WF2 with shell elements, and this is an assembly. Two of the parts are merged, but I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "packaged."

There is a sub-assembly involved, and I've heard of trouble with this before. Do I need to break everything down so there is no sub-assembly? I guess then I could check on the other assembly constraints as well.