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New member
We have a part that has to many instances to create all of the variables in a family table. Does any one know of a way to set up a family table that we could just enter the specified dims when the part is opened? Simular to the instances generated by a family table.
I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but it sounds like you should be using Pro/Program, which is accessible from the Program command in the menu manager. Pro/Program allows you to turn your regeneration into an interactive process by writing prompts in the Input section. The input prompts have the format:


The prompt you want to ask the user here

For example:

width number

Enter the width

Whenever your model regenerates, you can enter new values, leave the old values, or enter the values from a file.

The Instantiate command from the Program menu allows you to turn that design variation into an instance in a family table.

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries