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instances and parameters


New member
Hi everybody
first please excuse me for my horrible english but I'm a french student

I'm working on Catia R17 and I have a little problem.
I made a Part with some parameters (like his length or height). I want to instanciate this Part many time in another system but I want that the parameters of each instance be independant from the others (now if I change the length of a part all the length are modified

do you have any solutions?

No problem for your english, I'm from Spain and my english is terrible too.

If you want to insteance the part and no the parameters you will need to create another part because it's another part. So use FILE; NEW FROM andcreate thenew part from the old part.

thx for your answers
I finally find a solution
I use a template from my part that I save in a catalog and then I can instantiate it with parameters which are totally independant


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