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Instance 'XXXX' encountered in 2 different generic Models


New member
I keep getting the message Instance name 'XXXXX' encountered in 2 different generic models when I open my top assembly or any other component in the assembly. I did at one point have the same part name in two separate family tables, but have since renamed one of the part names to not have the same name. Does anyone know how get rid of this anoying message?


I get this too, and have never taken time to resolve it. But now that I think about it, the only explanation I can think of is that Instance Accelaration is on and the old file name (that was renamed) may still be in the .idx file.

Just a guess though.
Do you just go ahead and delete the .idx files. I've deleted the .idx files, and still get the message.

i think that you have two flat states of sheetmetal parts with the same names

just check it

I don't think it is affected by using instance accelerators, I believe it is by duplicate names in your instance index (*.idx) file. This is really easy to do if you copy a generic part and don't rename all the instances of the copy. Open the .idx file in Excel and sort by instance name. If it is a really big file (lots of parts) create a conditional format where the background of the cell turns red if the cell has the same value as the cell directly above it. Any duplicate names will turn red.
I open the .idx file and found there is dupicate part names as instances of the generic.

After opening the file in excel can the file just be edited and saved to clear up the problem?
It's just a text file so don't edit it in Excel, I don't think you will be able to save it back as a text file. I just suggested opening it in Excel because you can use the sort and conditional formatting to look for duplicates. The .idx file can get pretty big, if you have thousands of parts in a directory.
Simply delete the offending .idx file. It is recreated by opening any family object in Pro/E and doing a Save.