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Instance suppression in patterns


New member
Is there a way to suppress or "turn off" instances of a pattern in a family table?

I have a row of bearing mounts the are patterned using a table. Bearings and fasteners are referenced patterned off the parent instance. I would like to turn off the last bearing mount in a family table.


New member
Yes this can be done!

Since you already have a pattern table, go to Modify PatternTable (I'm still using Pro/E 2001) and Write the table to disk. Open that file (outside Pro)and delete the last line since you said: (of course, you could also add lines)

"I would like to turn off the last bearing mount in a family table"

Next, Save As the file under a different name.

Return to Pro and Read the new file into the pattern (make sure to select the pattern's icon first). You can have as many tables for a pattern as you like. The red arrow points to the active table. The red arrow can be moved from within this window, Relations or Family Tables.

Close the Tables window and open Family Tables. Add a new column and select the Pattern Table radio button. Next select the pattern from the model window. The new column expectsa table name as it appeared in the Patter Table Window. I have attached a small example part.


Hope this helps!