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instance name in relations


New member
I can't get it done....

when I set the following relation :

test = ptc_common_name

I allways get the generic instance name of that part.

What I want is that particular instance name of that particular part assigned to my variable "test"

(I new to these "variables /parameters etc... I don't even know how or
where the ptc_common_name variable is assigned to my part..... it is
just there....)




New member
If I understand correctly I have to fill out the session id myself ?

I cannot wildfire figure out which instance I am using ?




New member
It's like this :

I have a little database with fastners. Built up with a generic part
and a family table attached to it for the several variants ( Washer M5,
M6, M8 etc etc.)

I also have an assembly drawing with a boms list. In the repeat region,
in the column with the asm.mbr.name property the washer is disaplayed
correctly, (ie. Washer M6 ). No probs here.

Other parts have in that same column their parts number and in a
seperate column their description. If I could get my instance name
(washer M6) to the description column I would only need one column to
display, because the part numbers a of no use to me.

Wanting this I thus would need to "transfer" the instance name (ptc_common_name:xx) to the variable description of my part.

It would be nice of course if I wouldn't have to tell wildfire / pro/E which instance I am using....
Try putting this in your generic part's relation.

description = rel_model_name

I'm assuming that other part's description is coming from it's relation.



is what your after is having?

master file name instance name

metric nut m6

show a example using excel. could be easier to understand


New member
** description = rel_model_name ** does the trick !

From here I can build up my relations.

Is this rel_model_name a built in parameter in Wildfire ? If soo, there
should be more. Is there a list of available parameters ?

regards Sander.
I'm not sure 100% but I believe it is a ProE (Wildfire) parameter.

I've found this in PTC's website, don't have a list of available parameters.