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instance holes moving off part


New member
I have a problem while working with multiple instances at the same time. If I have instances open and create a hole in the generic and verify and then look at my instances the hole dimensions are just the opposite as what I put in the generic, so if I put in 3 down and 2 to left the some of the instances come out 3 up and 2 to the right, which would put them off the part. If I close the part and erase from memory then open the part it then appears correct, but this isn't practical when it's part of an asm of 1,2 or 4 thousand parts. I've provide it to Pro/E, but they say they can't reproduce the problem, has anyone seen the problem.
Have you tried to regenerate the instance that is i session. Even though you verify the instances from the family table the instance that is in session is not being verified.
Yes, I have been able to replicate problem on any machine and it doesn't happen everytime, but very often.

It doesn't matter what I regen or verify. Others in our company have had this problem, but don't work much with asm, so they just close and erase from mem. I've sent PTC .iges files and trail files they have seen it but have run out of questions or answers. I'm running 2001 build 2002140, I've requested newest build. If that doesn't resolve the problem it has been suggested to uninstall and start over.


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