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Installation problem


New member

When i try to install Pro Engineer 2001 student edition, its says that all of the files have not copied.

Also when i press the pro-e execute file to start pro-e, i get the following dos errors:

Windows cannot find the '\i486_nt\nms\nmsd.exe

Windows cannot find the '\i486_nt\obj\xtop

But i have found the files in the Pro-e directory.

Please help.

I had the same problem, then I decided to try installing in win98 and it worked. But now everytime I restart, my system generates a new host id. So I have to keep making new licence files with the new host id...any idea how to get rid of this bugging problem ??
I think you must buy or use the original edition!

Manz,you also have to keep making new license file with the new host id when you restart!^_^! : ) !
yes yuronghan,

I have been saving up money to buy the original edition.. But till then I have to use this borrowed copy..
Hi Guys...

You must remember Pro/E has a different install for either WinNT/Win2K or Win 95/98/ME ...

IKnow with the Real Version of Pro/E you actauly get a disk for NT and a separate disk for Win95/98. (i486_nt is for WiNT, i486_9x will be for Win95/98) So make sure you are using the right disk for the install. Also, make sure you fully unsinstall any older version of pro/e before reinstalling.

PS: If you can run pro/e on WinNT/2K (and you must use NTFS formatted hard drives - Fat32 sucks) Pro/E Rocks. Under Win95/98 Pro/E crawls and will Blue Screen regularly...

(can,t wait to see the new version of Pro/E under Linux...)

Skuld ^_^
dear friend no problems just buy a LANCARD ,install it and while installing proe do uncheck licence manager ,don't install it rest i think u know,try it ...
I could instal succesfully but when i click the proe 2001 icon on the desktop i am getting this::


Windows cannot find '\i486_nt\obj\nmsd.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctl, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.

then I click ok for this window and then it shows


Windows cannot find '\i486_nt\obj\xtop'. Make sure you typed the name correct, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.

Can anyone help me in this..
If you put the Pro/E installation directory on your PATH environment variable you won't find this error.

(either on AUTOEXEC.BAT - WIN9X or in the System Properties - winNT)
I think your problem is very win98 you just set your pro/e .exe or pro/e .bat to lower memory. set that .exe pro/e to memory 1024, beside that I have crack for pro/e 2001 very simple to run that crack, garanty make you happy......that crack very complited modul....

peace all of the world........!!!!!!!!
Hello, I have a problem similar to one is discissed here.In the main installation page,where platforms are shown i only can choose i486_win95 ,however my pc runs on windows2000.

It seems that it acts wrong when it checks the system for os.

I have to add that i have a fresh installation of windows2000 , not an upgraded one. Is there originally different versions of proe-2001 for NT and Win9X? Can aybody help me?
Hello all! I am having the same problem when trying to run Pro E as Munna above. The only difference is that I am running Windows XP. You have to forgive me but i am computer iliterate. Can someone please explain how to fix this problem. I don't understand what is meant by PATH environment variable as in the response from ViZ.

Thanks all!
ddonnelly, I'll give you exact instructions, for WinXP:

You need to right click on the MyPC icon on the desktop (or in the start menu) and select Properties

Then go to advanced options, then click on the button that says: Environment variables, there's one, on the system variables (lower box) that says PATH, you need to click on it and edit it, you must add at the end of the content (do not delete what was there, just add at the end):

c:\program files\proe2001\;c:\program files\proe2001\bin;

Click Ok on everything until you are out of the dialog boxes.

This should work for you, if you need further help, feel free to send me private message
I've had the same missing files problem. I tried what you suggested ViZ and there were no changes. I had some problems installing though, I didnt have a License Server and when I try to setup my commands there is no FLEXlm license. I got my installation cd at an auction with no books or anything so I assume thats the problem. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.


Do you think you could tell me how to edit the Autoexec.bat file on Win98. I don't know that much about this stuff either. Currently when I look at the Autoexec.bat file the last set path entry is:

C:\Program Files\proe2002i2\bin (I believe this is what you were saying to do)

I still get the error:

Cannot find file: 'i486_win95\obj\xtop'

I have installed this exact same copy on a WinXP and it works fine. Anything you can assist me with is appreciated.
Hi VizzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZz

I installed Pro E 2001 in 2nd partition and thereafter set env path variables to D:\program files\proe2001\bin; D:\program files\proe2001\.

Still then it shows same message. then I tried to put winbootdir in place of Path and set variables as above. Now message don't appear also to my surprise Pro E does not run.

Can there be some better way of cracking it !!!!!
I've had the same issue as everyone above. I have the Student version of ProE thatruns fins on my old computer (Pent III 400 w/128MB RAM & Win98 OS), but my new computer is a Pent IV with 640MB ram & Win 2000 OS)

As Viz suggested, I have editted the Path statement (in the ENVIRONMENT TAB) to include the BIN and main ProE directory. But still nothing happens when I click on the ProE Icon.

To make matters more confusing, I have a neighbor with almost the exact same computer who is running the same version of ProE with no problems.

I just spent about $60.00 on the tutorial package and it's sitting on a shelf unused!

Any help here?

i-academic version

I am currently running PROE2001pro and a 2001i(with out mechanica version) on winxp, the pro version creating a license via keygen was required and simply pressing ok on the 2001i version. No problem. Now winxp is similar to win95?, hence when asked which platform during the 2001i setup I had the choose between win nt and 95, checked both, this combination allows the programme to run on a 95 based O.S. but be executed like a NT programme works fine. I needed mechanica and have recently a copy of proe 2001i and Mech., the standard ptc2001i (I think). This requires a combination of the above keygeneration and selection of platform, which I am only getting win 95 option. After installing all looks fine, when starting up, error occurs and asks for c:\programfiles\proe2001i\i486_nt\nms\nmsd.exe and then


Hi Viz,

Trying to load Wildfire 2 onto Windows Xp.

get same messages \i486_nt\nms\nmsd.exe and \i486_nt\obj\xtop

can clear \nmsd file but computer telling me that \i486_nt\obj\xtop is not a win32 file.

Any suggestions?



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