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Installation Problem in UG NX


New member
Hi Everyone,

I am using UG NX software and i am currently having problem in the installation of the software. The problem i am getting is below.

Unigraphics initialization error-
UG FLEXlm Error: The license server has not
been started yet, or UGII_LICENSE_FILE is set to the wrong
port@host. [-15]


Anyone who knows the solution of the problem, please tell me. I am using the software at home.


Rohit Mahajan

Well, I have not been able to solve my problem yet.

and china-lhj, i had alredy done the step u have asked to do.
<DIV>I am going to PM to you one of my license files. Hopefully from it you will be able to tell what it incorrect. You can also use LMTOOLS to help troubleshoot this problem.</DIV>


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