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installation of pro E 2000i on win 98

insert disk, follow instructions...

Thats pretty much it apart from:

you need to load up FlexLM first.

don't have spaces in your load points.

use: import license from disk.

Then when you create an Icon you might have to change the memory allocation there and it's usually best to make a startup directory so it is easier to clean out.


When the company I work for bought proe (ver 2000i), we were told it would be unstable on any Windows platform other than NT. Whether that would effect installation or not, though, I couldn't say.

Hi, just had a quick look through my cd's and if you trust the covers they were all suported on Win 98, from 1999500 to 2000470.

The only thing is that PTC might not support win 98 any more and NT being more than 6 years old will not be supported much longer.

Thats where future proof maintenance agreements come in ;-)

Hmmm.....good point! Unfortunately, my company finance director decided it was far too expensive to keep paying the maintenace contract and dropped it last year. Didn't stop him buying a new Jag, tho - obviously far more important!



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