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Inspiron 9200 and Wildfire


New member
I am looking to purchase a new desktop replacement to run Pro/E before the end of the year. I would like a minimum screen size of 17" and have been considering the new Dell Inspiron 9200.

It has a nice big screen
, but uses an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 128 MB video card instead of a supported card.

The Dell Precision M60 is nice, but the screen is small and the price is high. Maybe there are other recommended 17" screen notebook systems?



New member
You can buy the 9200 and the install the freefiregl drivers to modify the mobility radeon 9700 in to a mobility Firegl.

I Have already done it and it works great. The only thing is to have a fresh installation of the freefiregl drivers.


Your model is 0x4e50 id Mobility FreeFiregl T2

Hope this help.



New member
Thanks for the tip!

I went to the hardwarelab.ru site and it is in Russian. Is there an English website that has these drivers or more info on freefiregl? Also, how do I verify my card's model # and the fire gl equivalent?



New member
I just got a 9200 with 1gb ram and 60 gb 7200 rpm drive with the 2.0ghz chip in it.

but I have had some difficulties with pro/e 2001. When I first
start it up, the first model I open works fine. Spins smoothly,
etc., but the second one won't spin smoothly, Extremely slow and choppy.

The same two models on my old gateway laptop (3yrs old, ati 9600, 512 mb ram) handles the two without hesitation.

Now on the 9200, if I set the color depth from 32 bit down to 16 bit and back to 32 bit, the models both spin fine.

I don't know what's going on.


New member
I use the Acer aspire 1710.. tis a very good machine.. runs pro very smoothly and i didnt find the price too bad either.. it comes with 17" screen. Although pleas enote this is a BIG laptop....

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New member
I did it. I installed the freefiregl drivers on my inspiron
9200. I was a bit hesitant because I couldn't find anyone else
who had done it. but after searching the net a bit, I
decided why not.

Actually installation time was less than 15 min. Basically used
the file that trally linked up top. The file is in Russian, but
the contents are in English.

Basically. unistalled the current drivers. Ran drivercleaner on
the machine. Rebooted. It asked if I wanted to install my
9700. I said no. went to device manager. went to
video, and installed it from there, pointing the driver location to the
new ones.

Started up Pro/E. Blazing fast is all i can say.20x better than
the 9700 drivers. Thanks trally for the info above. I guess
I'll keep the inspiron. I was about ready to send it back.


New member
I had a 17" Gatway laptop stolen last year. Then I purchased the
INSPIRON 9200 17" Dell laptop and am happy. I think I will
buy another.


New member
Hey trally.. Iam searching and searching for the file FreeFireGL_8x00.exe.That hardwarelablink isdead and it is the only driver which works withmy mobility 9600 card (although I have got softfiregl to patch together a FireGL T2 with the ati unified 8062 drivers but withresolution and crashing problems). Does anyone know how I can get hold of this fri/kin file??