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Inserting a logo in a drawing (.jpg)


New member
What is the best way to insert a logo (.jpg) in a drawing to get a good looking print out to!

And in which section of the ptc site should i go to find help? (...I just don't know!)

I know import a logo only in *.igs, you'll go in INSERT>DATA FROM FILE and select the file. There are a possibility of you save a file in *.igs (or not)?

Thanks amd450,I don't see the INSERT tab, in my menu, and where can convert my ,jpg into .igs! If you know tell me

The problem that you are going to have is that a .jpg file is a raster type file, similar to bitmap files; an igs file is a vector type file. I talked with our tech writers and cad administrator and they know of any way to convert the jpg to igs.

If you have to have this logo in the drawing, you may need to recreate the logo in a format that Pro/E will recognize. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to put a .jpg file format onto a Pro/E drawing.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I am open to new ideas and solutions.
Use Windows Imaging (or Paint if on XP) to convert the JPEG to a TIF file. Then insert the TIF file into the drawing.

Or use Adobe Illustrator to convert the JPEG to a vector DXF and insert that.

Which method you use depends on the software tools available to you.

Good luck


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