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Insert Mode, Moving the Insert Point?


New member
In Insert mode, Is there an easy way to move the INSERT HERE arrow up and down the model tree without cancelling out of insert mode and re-entering insert mode somewhere else. This is a real pain with a large model.

Someone told me that you just click and drag the arrow but this does not seem to work.

ProE Release 2001


I am also using 2001 build 2001200 and have not noticed a problem.

The method I use to move the insert point is as follows:

1. Position cursor over insert here text

2. Press and hold the left mouse button

3. When I start to move the mouse, the insert here text changes to a black line. I place this line where I want to insert the component and release the left button.
In your MENU MANAGER go to

Component/insert mode/activate

and then select a component to insert afert in the model tree.
You can click and drag the insert here to anywhere in the model tree, just like Ascorti's reply above says.

However, this won't work if you have any sub-menus opened in the menu-manager like feature or modify. If one of those menus are open, when you try to drag the insert here, the mouse will turn into a circle with a line through it. You must hit done in those sub-menus and have the base menu-manager menu displayed only (the menu that says Part, feature, modify, etc.) Once this is done, drag the insert here, and and black line appears. Place it where you want.
Thanks Very Much Airion and Ascorti.

I knew it would be a simple thing. Just a matter of learning!!

It's great to have a forum like this so now everyone can learn from my ignorance.


You must either complete or cancel the sketch. The whole point of insert mode is to add features at a point in the model so your design intent is acheived. If you add a feature at the end and it does not work the way intended you can try inserting it earlier before cuts or other features were added.

Here are a couples of good examples of when insert mode is very useful: When modifying or adding to a face that has a draft feature put on it later in the model. Being able to add to a protrusion and still have the rounds work out. Changing the order rounds are created to make the intersections work out well (order is everything with rounds!)

You really need to think about when you should or should not be in insert mode to add a feature. And it certainly is not something you should wait to think of until you are in the middle of a sketch.


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