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Hello pro/e users

Below i want to mention some hidden config options that refers to Proe 2001 :

sketcher_3d_drag (yes or no) : if set to yes proe allows you to dynamically drag the profiles in a section when you modify a section.

sketcher_dynamic_dimensions (yes or no) : if you set no, when you modify a dimension the system changes the dimension, moves the section to the new position but shows and the previous situation of the sketcher (repaint or Ctrl+left button). Also the system acts different (interface) when you modify a value of a dimension (try it !).

sketcher_old_default_grid : (yes or no) : displays the old grid when you enter the sketcher environment

As high-end cad software pro/e has a lot of configurations (hidden or not) for someone to change in order to make pro/e more friendly and efficient for our work




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