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Indented BOM


New member
It is that time in the development cycle to generate a Engineering Cost Estimate. In the past we have extracted the product BOM info from PDM and then early versions of IntraLink. This data came out in the form of an indented BOM, taken at one of several top levels assemblies. I don't see how this can be done in the new and improved version 3.0. Hard to believe that you can not share your data between appications (even one as simple as Excel).

Does any one know a method for extracting multiple level BOM data out of intralink? Maybe using toolkit? Maybe some other method?

I just don't want to have to build a 500 line spreadsheet manually from scratch.

Help me, please!



New member
You can go in your Workspace, pick your top level assembly, pick Report ; BOM; WS BOM Report; tthan filter or modify your Table configuration to show what you need.

Than go on Edit ; Select All and then again Edit ; Copy.

Open a new Excell document and paste or Ctrl+V your info in Excell.

That is what I use for now.

Cami C.

Design Engineer



New member
I have no problem with a single level, or flat, BOM. It is the multi, or indented, BOM I'm having trouble with. Is it possible to get in indented BOM. The BOM Graph has the functionality but terrible visulization.


New member
The graphical BOM is pants. It is totally useless. We had the same problem with exporting indented BOMs.... but there is a work around now.

Which build of Intralink 3.0 are you using? As of date code 2001200, there is a new script in your Intralink client bin directory called BOM_HIERARCHICAL_OUTPUT.

This script has to be run from a command prompt... but it's only a work around until the indented bom functionality is put back into the client. (Should be back in version 3.2 I thnk)

Here is the syntax for the command:

bom_hierarchical_output -l <username> -p -obj_name <assembly_number> -td_file <filname> -td_pref <filename> -f <output_filename_&_path>


The data contained in the text file generated by this script is in a different format to the data produced by Intralink 1.2 & 2.0. I had to write a Excel macro to convert the document to look like a 1.2/2.0 indented bom.

I have a couple of documents relating to the used of the above script. Mail me if you want a copy.... of if you want my Excel macro.



New member
Sorry.... messed up when I was entering the syntax for the new script file.... this is how it should be...

bom_hierarchical_output -l username -p password -obj_name assembly_number -td_file filename -td_pref filename -f output_filename_&_path


Neil Phillips


New member
In the 3.1 361 build at least there is a mistake in the BOM_HIERARCHICAL_OUTPUT script. You will need to add the following lines to make it work:


if %LM_LICENSE_FILE% == set [email protected]<YOUR SERVER NAME HERE>

set ILINK_CLIENT_FEATURE_NAME=<Your Intralink client feature name here>

(Note you can cut this from your Prointralink startup script)

It should be placed just above the:

%prodir%\%mc%\obj\bom_output.exe %*



New member
Mistake in the last post - The system thought I was entering HTML tags. Here isthe correct fix:


if %LM_LICENSE_FILE% == set [email protected]YOUR_SERVER_NAME