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inches to mm


New member
I want to set pro e up so that it automatically starts in millimetres all the time....can someone give me a simple guide as to how to do this?

1. Click on Utilities > Options

2. Click on Find

3. Type in the keyword template

4. Click on the option template_solidpart

5. Click on the Browse button and navigate to the template folder in your loadpoint and select mmns_part_solid.prt
To add to the reply of jabbadeus, change the templates of assembly and sheetmtal part as well ,the same way ,such that there is no confusion for you in future.

I did the same and it didnt work...

Where is supposed to be? in the wildfire 2 folder (i found 2 there)

I also changed the of my workign directory but no go

settings used:

pro_unit_length unit_mm

pro_unit_sys mmns

template_designasm C:\Program Files\Eng\proeWildfire 2.0\templates\design_asm_mmns.asm

template_solidpart C:\Program Files\Eng\proeWildfire 2.0\templates\mmns_part_solid.prt
Here is an extract from a reply posted by JABBADEUS on 30 August 2003 at 12:31. I believe this still applies.

In order to get Wildfire to read in the file each time you launch, place the config file either in:
(1) the text file located in the folder where Wildfire is installed;
(2) in your default working directory, which you can change from the Properties tab, Start In: option when you right click the WF icon; or
(3) the start directory that's listed whenever you open a command shell.
There are two distinctly different methods being listed here and I think people are getting confused.

If you create a new part or assembly WITHOUT a template then the options determine the units. Like all config options, if multiple files are loaded, the last settings loaded will apply.

If you create a new part or assembly WITH A TEMPLATE then your new part is an exact copy of the template and you will get whatever is in the template.

By default, we work in metric so the loadpoint\text\ file has settings for mm. However, some projects have to be in inches so the working directory for them has a file with inch settings. The user has to remember to set the working directory and load the before starting to work. Here are the options I change:

pro_unit_sys IPS
template_solidpart start_part_inch
template_designasm start_asm_inch

This way a user will always get the correct units no matter which method is used to create the new part.