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Importing Parts into Abaqus (MSBO option for IGES files)


New member
Hi there

Im having real big problems managing to import a part I've created using Wildfire. I tried saving the part as a STEP but with no luck- abaqus says that the part has invalid geometry and is unable to mesh a face (even though its a circular tube that has been twisted using warp). I then tried IGES, and checked an MSBO option . The part was importing for more than 34 hours and I eventually gave up on it and cancelled. What is MSBO? Do Pro?engineer files have this so-called entity, and do I need to select it when importing an IGES into Abaqus.

Can someone please help me import this part. Attached is a picture of what it is. I have used the warp feature maybe that's the thing Abaqus does not like.

Many thanks