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Importing JPEG or TIFF


New member
Is it possible to import a jpeg, tiff, or some other image into sketcher to be as the support of a sketch? If so, how is this done? I am running V5 R13.

Thanks in advance

Pictures used inserting itself/themselves inevitably in a product, we are going to start with creating a new of it (Start/Mechanical Design/Assembly Design).

Then we create a new part in the product (Insert/New part and to designate the name of the product).

One reappoints the different entities to have some more explicit designations and one saves the all before spending to the following. The corresponding tree must be similar the one represented opposite.

To define one fashion of view personalized. Given back realist with texture (View/Render Style/Shading with material).

To activate the shop of sketch tracing via the control Start/Shape/Sketch Tracer. to stand in fashion of view personalized (given back realist with texture). Then to stand in a predefined view, the one of face for example: View/Named Views/Front. It is the chosen view that will determine the investment of the picture in the space of the model.
Via the icon being in the vertical rod of right, to launch the control to Create a new sketch immersif and to designate the file picture to insert (here the photo of the broken bow).

So necessary, to adjust the origin and the position of the setting via arrows and other symbols that appeared. and to validate the insertion by the OK button. In our case, we made coincide the horizontal with the top of marquees supporting the broken bow.

In double-click on the picture, you can publish its parameters of insertion at any time.

Best Regards,



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