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importing *.emn and *.emp


New member
I am trying to open a *.emn file however when i do it gives me this issue:

Do you want to correct <ASM0002> part geometry with Sketcher?

if i say NO, it crashes complete out to desktop. if I say yes it go in to sketcher for repair. (however there are more than 300 items in the sketch. How can i find which to repair)

All i want is to be able to create the models from the *.emn or the *.emp file


You might try editing your sketch and look for overlapping geometry. Pro will not allow overlapping geometry. If you find a problem like that, dont try to regenerate the sketch. Just exit with the error and if you have fixed the problem, you will be able to continue on.

Good luck...

I often get this when importing these files. I always fix geometry using the sketcher, sometimes it takes a while to find the offending geometry, but once I've found and deleted them everything should go swimmingly.



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