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Importing ECAD to Creo 2.0: Issues with holes


New member
Please bear with me as I am not very experienced with ECAD or MCAD. I have been able to import my .emn and .emp files successfully, and with the addition of some .config settings (ecad_pin, tool, etc.) was able to get the board to render with holes. Now I have a problem where the assembly loads square blocks over where some of my holes are supposed to go. These square blocks load after I select my .emp file, and are selectable parts in the assembly file.

Has anyone encountered this, or knows how to possibly keep these parts from rendering?


Ashok Kumar

New member
Hi Steelio,

Basically EMN File contains:
-PCB Outline
-Component Location
-Component Orientation
-Hole Information
-Keep In and Keep Out Regions

EMP File Contains:
-ECAD outlines for every component
-ECAD component height information

When an IDF (emn) File is imported into Pro/Engineer, Pro/E cross-references the ecad_name and ecad_alt name from the emn file against the ecad_hint.map. If it a match is found, Pro/Engineer will replace on the fly” geometry with a real 3D Pro/Engineer part or assembly.

So the EMP file contains information describing each component’s 2D shape and height. This information gets disregarded when the Pro/ECAD User replaces this data with real 3D models.