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Importing dxf files into drawing


New member
When I import a dxf file into my drawings, I normally change my drawing size from a d to a b and have the dxf file graphics scale to fit this b size drawing fromat and then change back to d size drawing format. This gives me just the right size I need for my drawing. My question is this: Is there any way I can control where this dxf file comes in on the drawing. 0,0,0 is where it comes in but I don't want it there and have to move the graphics per our engineering drawing standards. Can anyone help me out here? Could I possibly create a dummy drawing fromat with a different location and scale to fit this area, having it be precisely where I want my graphics? One more question: Can a pdf file be imported directly into a pro-e drawing? We are converting to dxf file via scanning hardcopy and dumping into pro. Any help?

You could create a mapkey to move the imported lines to the correct location.

You can't use a PDF directly in Pro/E. Better to use DXF, IGES, etc - vector-based.


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