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importing data

I'm trying to import some 2D lines into a pro/e part but I am having some trouble with this. The data is from Ironcad and is in the dxf file form. When I import the data into a drawing, the lines come in fine with only 4 segments. But when I export the lines to a step or iges file and then import the data into a pro/e part, I get about 100 segents. Any suggestions?

Working with a supplier that has Ironcad. I have been reading the Ironcad INNOVATE export datasheet. This states that they support the export/import of data from Ironcad to pro-Engineer ? I need to translate the data to a Foundry supplier.

Has anybody used this Ironcad import feature on a 2001 Part ?

What Pro-E version number does the Ironcad import/export support ?


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