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Importing AutoCAD images into Sketcher


New member

We're using 2001 and have somewhat of a problem. We have a number of silkscreen artworks stored in AutoCAD that we'd like to import into Pro/E as cosmetic features. In Sketcher, when I choose Sketch>Data from File, it allows me to browse to an AutoCAD 2000 file. When I choose the file containing the artwork, I get a warning that it may take a while to import all the entities. Tt takes FOREVER for these to import, and, when they do, they are very difficult to manipulate in Sketcher.

Does anyone know of a 3rd party program that will make this easy? We know we can easily import the artworks into drawings but we really want to bring them into models as cosmetic sketches.

Thanks in advance for your lessons learned, experiences, etc.

I do this all the time with PCB's, labels and other silkscreen on parts.

1. Convert your silkscreen artwork into 'IGES' file. (I'm not sure if AutoCAD has IGES export.) Coordinate 0,0 will be your anchoring point.

2. In ProE part, create a coordnate system with X & Y axis oriented and located at anchoring point of IGES file.

3. Insert > Data from file > Pick the '.igs' file and select the Coordnate system you just created.

An additional note.
Texts: IGES will not carry the texts over, so you have to somehow convert the texts into lines before you convert the file into IGES.

Good luck,



New member

Thanks for the input! Unfortunately, most of the silkscreens are
functional nomenclature (e.g. text). We'll keep the method
in mind, though for IGES entities.