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Importing and exporting of Part Models


New member
Hello Friends,

How to import and export part files of Pro/E ? I am unable to import files which are exported by my friends and I want to know about Trail files which are accumulated in my c:\ drive. I request you please help me.


New member
What CAD software package were the parts created in?

What version and edition of Pro/E are you using?



New member

Maybe your friends have a leatest version, or maybe another software :)) or you don't hanve the license for data improt/export.

The trail files are maded every time one you open pro/e and contain in text file, everithing which you do in one sesion. This files you can delete or use for tutorial/automation (like one script). Also you can set in your config.pro, one specific path for this kind of files, like:

trail_dir = drive:\ptc\trail



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