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Importing and exporting of Part Models


New member
Hello Friends,

How to import and export part files of Pro/E ? I am unable to import files which are exported by my friends and I want to know about Trail files which are accumulated in my c:\ drive. I request you please help me.
Which version are you using? if its pro/e 2001 then the import option is File>open and then select all files in typefrom the open window which appears.

For exporting a file its File>Save a copy> type(then select the format u want the file to be exported in).

i dont understand your question.

i give some info from PTC about trail files :

trail file is a record of all menu choices, dialog-box choices, selections, and keyboard entries for a particular working session. Trail files allow you to view the record of activity so that you can reconstruct a previous working session or to recover from an abrupt termination of a session. Trail files are editable text (.txt) files.

When you run a trail file, the system replays the selections in the exact order in which they were originally made.

Note: Before running a trail file, you must rename it. You cannot rename a trail file within Pro/ENGINEER; on a Windows NT system, use Explorer, and on a UNIX system, use the terminal window to either move or copy the file to the new name.

but your problem is to export part files from proe

follow roshan's advise and you will find the solution.

if you want some extra info about trail files ( options) just re-question in proecentral.

hope this helps



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