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importing a stl file


New member
how can I manipolate (make hole, cut and so on) a .prt file generated from a STL file?



There is no way to manipulate a .stl file because Pro does not see it as a solid instead a bunch of small faceted surfaces. Is there any way you can get an .igs or .stp file? You can import these into a part and hack them up any way you like.

Generally STL files cannot be edited in normal CAD softwares But there are some special softwares that can give u the functionality to edit the stl and add some features.

Almost all reverse engineering softwares have the capablity to handle stl data.

try this

if you have a pro/assembly licence, try to create a new part, use the data sharing option and copy surfaces (independed or not) from the *.stl file.

then try to merge>join these surfaces and after that create a solid using the use quilt command.

As a result you have a native proe file

hope this helps



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