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Importing a list of data points into Pro/E


New member
I am having a couple technical difficulties. I am trying to input a list of data points from a data file (.opt) that represent a center line, then I have another file that has a list of diameter sizes for each one of those data points. Therefore, when it is all together, I have collection of diameters all perpindicular to a center line running through them all. Thanks for any help...


New member
What version of Pro are you using? What is an .opt file?

If you have a text file of datum points, I know in WF you can read those points into a datum point array. (Pretty sure you can do this in 2001 as well.) As for getting the diameters for the holes, that's the tricky part.

Not knowing more about your problem, I'd try using a pattern table. Create one hole, pattern it, and choose Table as the option. Then Edit the table in the Pro/Table Editor, which is very spreadsheet-like.

Read the data points and diameters file into Excel, and create a spreadsheet with the data you need to control the holes.

I've never tried cutting and pasting from an Excel spreadsheet into a Pattern Table, but I'd assume it would work.


New member
I am using ProE WF Student...

I can't seem to convert my text file, containing all my data points, into a .pts file so that I may open it in the datum point array.

I was also wondering if the academic and student versions were compatible with each other...

Thanks for any help


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