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Importing 3D curves other than .ibl format


New member
Hi everybody,

I've got to model the wing of an airplane, but my problem is that the hard copies we have recieved from our customer is a photocopy of a photocopy, wherein I'm not able to view the drawing part of it, but it also has points described in the form of notes, I tried using .ibl file to create the curves but there are too many points to create enough confusion for an .ibl file to be created, is there any other means to get the curves by entering the data other than from .ibl file.

If there is any please reply.


How many points are you talking about ??

I've worked with 13 section IBLs and 500 points/section without problem...
I have around 800 points, actually it is going to undergo fine modifications and frequently I need to edit several points at a time. Anyway thanks for your reply. I got the solution for it.



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