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Imported geometry


New member
Many models downloaded from this site when opened in pro/e does show only one feature(apart from the def.coordinate system) as 'imported geometry' in the model tree.

Undoubtedly these models are top rated,but for beginers in Pro/e these are not so useful,I suppose,because of non availability of pro/e features in the model tree.

I request my friends to let me have the previlege of analysing these great models(in pro/e environment) and learn .

Does anyone know,how to convert this 'imported geometry' feature in to corresponding constituent pro/e features


Most models are source models and contain native Pro/E features.

Which models are you interested in ?
Dear dougr

Thanks for your response.I am looking to know a method(if any)which enables me to convert this imported geometry features in to native Pro/e features.

Then coming to the models which made me to post the message causing you to reply,is the one which I've downloaded from this site.....Aircraftengine assembly,differential gear assembly


that is mean many people wnat to share one model to show his own capabilitis but don't want to share the real information with real model tree. Hmm, this is the nature of human. What we can do!



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