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Import Pro/E assembly to Pro/Mech

Why do you need to import assembly into Mechanica? Do you have access to MDX and/or MDO?

Open assembly in Pro/E, then select Applications > Mechanica. This will provide access to Mechanica Motion functionality in Integrated Mode.

Next select Indep Mec > Motion to transfer design to Independent Mode.
I have pro/e 2000i2, but pro/mechanica is not included in it. So i use Pro/mechanica 2000 as a single program. If i go from applications>Mechanica it does not give me the possibility to choose Indep Mec> Motion!

Thats why i want to find a way of importing an assembly to pro/mechanica. I can mesh the assembly in Pro/E but then can i save it somehow to a type of file that Pro/Mechanica can use?

What's MDX and MDO?