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import-export errors in Intralink 3.2


New member
Hi there

I'm working for a while with intralink 3.2. Everything is Ok - it works well - but when i've tryed to import or export some data I got an error message. I know guys from an other company, and they said they have same problemm...their PTC consulter said that is a programm bug.

Is there anyone who knows more about this?
This is a land mine that PTC has left for it's users. If you are using Windows and install Pro/E in the default directory /Program Files/proe2001 the Intralink Export and Import functions will not work correctly. You can test this by opening a new workspace and choosing the object>new>Pro/ENGINEER part. If you get a ghost object this is your problem. Unfortunately the only solution offered after spending several hours with tech support was to removed Pro/E and reinstall in a directory without spaces in the path to the Pro/E load point. It's STONGLY suggested that Pro/E be installed in a subdirectory of the /ptc directory where Intralink was installed.

Bernie Hayden

well I'm sorry to report that even installing Pro/E in a subdirectory of /ptc will not rid you of the nasty errors in intralink.

We are running 3.1 for almost a year now with no problems. This week all of our users have started gettng import/export runtime errors. Right now nothing is going into Intralink and nothing is going out.
babbles wrote:

>We are running 3.1 for almost a year now with no >problems. This week all of our users have started >gettng import/export runtime errors.

Are you talking about import/export or checkin/checkout? Two very different things but checkin/checkout would be the primary source of accessing and storing work through Intralink.

Have you investigated the change that resulted in a working install suddenly failing? What size is the data base and what back-up procedures have you been following?

Bernie Hayden

Make sure that you have . (full stop) as decimal symbol in windows: control panel/regional options/numbers
What datecode are you running of Intralink? We were able to fix this when we applied the 2002270 datecode on the Intralink Server and the clients.

If the error message that you are getting is as follows:

Message:an error occurred on import/export Is Received

Here is the results in the KB on PTC's site:

Attempting To Export A Family Table That Does Not Have All The Instances Checked Out To The Workspace, Using Pro/ENGINEER 2001 2002220 or Later and Pro/INTRALINK 3.1 2001361 or Earlier

In order to avoid potential loss of information when exporting incomplete family tables (that do not have all the instances present in the workspace), the export utility mdimpex in Pro/ENGINEER 2001 2002220+ checks that all the instances are present in the Workspace. Pro/INTRALINK 3.2 2002270 will automatically check out the missing instances upon exporting the family table.

Alternate Technique


When using Pro/INTRALINK Releases prior to Pro/INTRALINK 3.2 2002270 with Pro/ENGINEER 2002 2002220+ make sure to check out all the family table instances prior to exporting the family table from the workspace (reference also TAN 116552)

Refer to the following knowledge base document:
from the kb of PTC:

It Is Not Possible to Export Data To Hard Drive, Which Has Been Checked Out From Commonspace With the Dependency set to None.

TAN ID 116447



If an object is checked out from the commonspace and in the Check Out window the Dependency None is selected, i.e. only the selected is checked out. Attempting to Export this object to hard drive from the Workspace by doing #Object #Export #To Disk will display an error message saying An error occured on import/export.

Alternate Technique


Check out the object with the Dependency Required or All. The Export will then be successful.



Issue has been resolved in Pro/INTRALINK 3.2 2002270
It may be as simple as exporting to a certain place. I know when I have exported from a clients Intralink (3.1 and now 3.2) I was unable to export to anywhere but the C drive. Sometimes exporting/importing to a network drive or straight to CD it doesn't work. Also make sure you take all instances and generics 'cos you may not be able to leave anything behind!!
Follow these steps:

Install Pro-E 2001 to a directory WITHOUT SPACES! C:\PTC\PROE2001\

Run Pro-Intralink setup (ptcsetup.bat). On the "Create and Configure Commands" menu, edit the command used to start proilink3.2. In the "Locate Other Installation Directories" box, type the Pro-E installation directory C:\PTC\PROE2001

Check the Enviornment setting for PATH and place the C:\PTC\PROE2001\ at the beginning of the list.

This will allow for importing and exporting to disk from Intralink 3.2


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