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Import Assy BOM & create parts?


New member
Can you import a BOM and create an assembly and its Pro-E parts ?
I have a 30 component Assembly BOM (excel format) with part numbers and part names. Questions I need to discuss ?
1) Can I use excel BOM ( possiblyin Intralink ? ) to create an assembly automatically from the BOM ?
2) Any 3rd party software to allow me to do this ? Can you then read number and name data from the excel BOM ?
3) This is a redraw of existing 2D assembly (not AUTOCAD) Any other way to do this ?
I hope I put this in the right forum. Thanks in advance


how could any cad package tell how the parts are assembled from the bom?

just add 30parts end on end? from start to finish?

randomly scatter them in space?

i am with Israr, very much doubt it


New member
I know the Assembly constraints could never be satisfied, but when you start a new assembly you are initially unaware of what goes where.A simpledefault coordinate constraint would do just fine to build up the first level (or 2nd level ) assembly tree.
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ERP systems contain a correct BOM structure; and a few thousand old products from old 2D data. It could keep anybody employed for a century, rebuilding this lot or you could start with a structure from the ERP system?
Then later you could / copy & rename / restructure / import geometry / UDF / etc to build up the correct geometry models and assembly.
I realize that the advantages may be small (?) but Ithought it was worth a look.
Irar, Puppet,<O:p></O:p>
Would it bepossible witha complex Pro-Program routine ?

Thanks again
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