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Implementation and use of a start drawing


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We are interested in using a start drawing to achieve uniformity with our drawings. We have one created (and a start part) and now the question becomes how to best make this drawing the template. If we do a “Save as,” then how do we associate the new model with it without losing the parameters in the drawing tables (if I add the model after I create the drawing, I either lose my parameters or they become drawing parameters)? I know Pro/E allows specifying a template to copy from when creating a new drawing, but I’m running 2000i2 on Windows NT 4.0 and my system regularly crashes when trying this route. Any other suggestions?
Our customers have historically had problems with their standards evolving over time and their legacy start models always falling out of the latest and greatest standards for their parameters - which are used on their Drawing Formats.

This issue forces customers to always update their parameters manually as they change their formats or standard parameters requirements over time.

p-Parameter Editor (avail on this site), addresses the upgrade issues with legacy models -- it will automatically update new and older models to the latest Parameter Standards. -- as you use it.

This has basically eliminated the need for a START PART (unless you are pre-defining views, pre-defining layers, or other Non-Parameter related standards); allowing you to focus on the Drawing Format as your standard for what is shown and what is not.

You should definatly look at placing parameters on your drawing that pickup your model contents. If you do this, and do it right, you will not have any Save As issues. The format will pick up what it needs from the model.

Additionally, you might want to investigate using Standard Drawing tables with report fields already defined. (either included in the Drawing Format or manually placed - they work either way).

Good Luck

Their is an option in the file called rename_drawings_with_object, and this will save the part with your drawing. Do a Save As of your current start_drawing (with associated part/assembly) to the new name. This will make a new parametric drawing that will allow you to have a new start drawing with part/asm.
Here is the crux of the matter. We plan on creating the copy of the start drawing AFTER the model has been created. We do this because when we begin creating a model, we do not want to spend time thinking of what format size we need, etc. to get a concept model to our customers.

So how can you associate an already existing model with a new copy of the start part. Say I already have the model created (123.prt) and now want to make a drawing from it. I open start_drawing.drw, and Pro/E automatically start looks for the parameters before I can add 123.prt to the drawing. Based on how I set up my start_drawing, Pro/E will either assume the parameters are drawing parameters (if no model is associated with it initially), or it will pull the parameters from the model initially associated with start_drawing.drw (but I want the parameters to come from 123.prt).

Does anyone else follow this order of creating part first, then drawing later? Any work-arounds / suggestions?


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