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Imbedded drawing into word document


New member
I have a word document that needs a picture or two inserted into a couple of pages. I'm using Wildfire and I am looking at a view I want to insert into the document, how do I copy/select a view for insertion?

BTW, I'm attempting to do all this within Intralink.

Steve C
1) print screen and copy in the word

you may first require to paste in photoeditor to crop the required area (view).

2) make pdf of drawing and then copy the view from pdf and paste in the word. This i would prefer to do.
If Wildfire were a Windows product, as some have said, then the steps to do what I want would be two: 'ctrl-c' to copy view and 'ctrl-v' to paste in word. Those are the two that I thought of and have tried, I was just wondering if there was another way.

many thanks,

Steve C
I have had best results with CGM files, much better quality than screen prints, fewer problems than HPGL.
i agree with CGM, you can edit it with word drawing editor change entiny colors, fonts, width, remove items and ither cleanup works
For Highest quality reproduction, download something like Snagit from and use its plethora of tools to capture a high resolution area around your view, then place it in word. CGM is also OK. Snagit will work best for all types of captures such as 3D models in color, with transparency etc. Has virtually every option ever heard of for manipulating screen captures and can output gif, jpg, png, tiff etc.

Good luck.
CGM is fine, but remember to print your drawing to a CGM-printer and select print to file. Then convert the printfile extension to cgm. Now you can import picture from file toWord.

The CGM-printer can be found as a standard.

This procedure seem to be necessary because saving the file as a cgm-file doen't seem to work.