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igs to solid


New member
I am looking for a data transfer fron igs to solid in pro/E

i have an igs file already fixed all the gaps and the geometrical analysis is O.K. Now I need to convert it into a real solid,so that I can create a core and cavity for molding the product.

can anybody help me to convert this to a solid?

Pro has an iges importer, in a new part file go to insert > data from file > and pick the iges file from your hard drive. Next you can make the iges surfaces solid by clicking redefine on the import feature from the model tree, there is an option to make model solid, click it and cross your fingers that your geometry does not have any gaps, if this doesn't work don't fret, you can go to zip gaps and pro can find and fill the holes so that you can make it solid. If none of these options work then you will have to manual create the solid with a series of surface merges and protusions using quilt.

Hope it works without geom checks!
Once the geometry is healed, which it sounds like you have done, you can also select feature>redefine and select the import feature in the model tree. Then select attributes and check the Make Solid Box.


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