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Greetings all:

What is the best way to get a flat part from an imported IGES wireframe? Please list the steps as I am new to Pro E.

Thank you in advance!!!



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If you have a wireframe only with no surfaces you will have to use the this data to build your own surfaces.

Its hard to say without seeing how complex it is but you can probably use boundary blends or even faster with isdx.

You may have to make composite curves of some of the wireframe segments to make your boundaries. Be careful that you dont make too many composite curves because the accuracy changes as they stack up. In plain english, do not make composite curves on top of each other.

Its possible that this is not the job for a beginning pro user.

If you can send the part I could give you a much better idea of whats involved.



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Yes, it is difficult to reply having no visible data to see what you are talking about. Pro/E only has the flatten quilt option (found under feature/tweak) if you are not in sheet metal to flatten something. Otherwise you must be in the Sheetmetal package and I have never attempted to import an IGES into sheet metal.

The other option is to create solid/surface features from the imported IGES, delete the IGES after creating your solid/surface features and attempt to convert it to a sheetmetal part.


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Thanks for the info and the replies. I would upload an Iges file but they are all over the 50k limit. (78k-230k)

Please assume a simple .048 thick piece of steel with one or two 30-90 degree bends. The parts are simple sheet metal parts. I am just looking for the smartest (simplest) way to convert the Iges wireframe to a sheet metal part.

Thanks again for all your support.



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try to import in wireframe and after that use imported curves to build your wall.

but if is really simple geometry I will start without import. Make the file full parametric, clean and nice.

... of course, that it depends how many files u have to convert.