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IGES Import


New member

I have an IGES file of a 3D surface which I imported into a part file. I would like to change this feature into a solid so that I can modify it as a solid piece.

I would like to modify the part that way, or I would like to modify the feature that I already created that goes along with the imported IGES file in the part. This part, a solid, is a canopy. I would like to make a surface overlay of the solid blend that I made. If I can make it a surface, it would be easier for me to integrate it to the body--which is already in the IGES format.

What do you recommend, the first part (IGES surface -> to solid) or the second one (solid canopy to surface).

I tried in the attributes tab to change the IGES imported feature to a solid, but it does nothing.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


Michael Balsamo
or maybe you can take a look in at Data Exchange, if the IGES is OK, then Pro/E will make solids what you need.

If the IGES is not ok, ... then my friend you have two choice:

1 - call your supplier to increase export accuracy

2 - ... i hope not, ... you have a lot of work

for more ... [email protected]
Thank you both. I will take a look at the part this week and, I'll see what happens.


Michael Balsamo

You can use this to zip gaps and move vertices if you have to.

It doesnt take much and may be your only choice if you are stuck with someone elses file.

If you need to you can send me the file and I will tell you if its possible to fix.

[email protected]

I prefer u convert the IGES into solid and proced. If u find IGES with more yellow edges (open boundary), First u try with automatic fixing.While fixing u can give a default gap distance up to 0.9 mm.Still open edges r there then u should try editing the boundary manually by creating new edges or moving the vertex. Some surface u may have to exclude and recreate in surface >advanced>boundries.Once all open boundaries r closed u can make it solid by create>solid>use quilt.

Pls try and replay .


Thanks guys. I got pretty far w/ the body by making it a solid, however it seems that I put myself into a bigger mess b/c the canopy which I created I designed it as thin and not solid. So, I tried to save the blend file as a .sec for an import later into a new solid blend feature. To my dismay, it seems that when I did import solid blend from file, PRO/E demanded a .ibl file. Any help pertaining to information about changing file types/ achieving this is greatly appreciated.


Michael Balsamo

P.S. I am using PRO/E 2001


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