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iges import information


New member
Hi Everyone,

Is there a way of displaying information such as the CAD system the iges came from etc, in 2001?


I know that the few times I imported a parasolid from Unigraphics, I saw a page displayed that showed me the revision of UG used. I never did anything with it, but I'm guessing you could.

Steve C
A lot of times you can simply open the IGES file with a text viewer, i.e. Notepad, and look at the header info at the beginning of the file and it will list the software that created it.
Open the IGES file in notepad. The first 4 lines (usually) are the header section of any IGES file and contains all the information about the CAD package and also the computer on which the file was created, e.g. the version number, date and time, the accuracies used, etc.