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IGES File Creation Not Working in 2000i


New member
I am trying to create IGES files in 2000i from assemblies using the ALL PARTS option. The creation seems to go smoothly, however when I try to import them back into Pro using the create new model option and selecting assembly I get the error messages:

Could not read IGES file


Could not construct feature geometry

Has anyone encountered this problem before or can you offer advice on how to get the files to import properly? Thank You in advance for your assistance.

hi Mike,

I'm not shure why u wnat to save an Iges file and after that to reimport them in Pro/E.

For a proper execution please verify your file, I guess u dont have a iges config file and one link for that file.

Anyway u can make all your configurations in your

About export the file, which can be for any reason. You can try to save as (import/export) in neutral (*.neu) ... that is better for pro/e.