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IGES curves to solids?


New member
I recently got a software that allows me to convert CT-scans to IGES files. I'm trying to make a model of a human knee joint. The IGES files it exports are basically a series of polyline curves placed upon one another vertically. They don't touch one another, so there is no vertical relation between layers. (Looks sorta like a pancake stack of gradient lines formed into the outside shape of a knee joint) I'd like to convert these curves into a surface and then into a solid. Any suggestions out there?


If the curves are spaced out properly in space, it should be no problem to create surfaces by boundaries using the curves as boundaries. If they are not spaced out yet, you would have to project the curves one-by-one onto properly spaced datum planes first to space them out. Does this make sense? To create a surface by boundaries, select Feature/Create/Surface/Advanced/Boundaries/Blended Surf

Once you've created enough surfaces to make a completely closed quilt, you can merge them together with Surface Merge. Then when all the merging has been done, use Create/Solid/Protrusion/Use Quilt.

Hope this helps.
The curve-to-curve surfacing worked well, but on several occassions, I got errors. They said Feature aborted. Geometry was overlapping. Each layer has a distinct, 1-mm spacing. Any clues on what this means?
One other thing, there are a few layers where two or more contours merge into a single contour. Within the Blended Surface command, is there a way to accomplish this type of a surfacing?

Thanks for your help!

--- j