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Ideas needed


New member
I am fairly new to Pro/E and need assistance. I have been given a model of a finished part and must make manufacturing models and drawings. The processes involve rough turning, finish turning, and grinding which means I will have to add material to the finished model to create the model for each process. What is the best way to accomplish this so that the manufacturing models will be updated if the finished part is changed?
I cannot tell you for sure if this will work but it is worth a try; I have not gone from finished part to cast part. I have done the opposite using the MERGE feature. When a model is merged into another file, it will update when the original part updates. I am able to make cuts and such in the merged part file. It sounds like you will need to use surfaces and edges to get your new features to regen correctly.
You should be using NC/MILL and NC/Turning or maybe expert machinist. These are Modules of Pro/E that create the manufacturing model from the finished part. It generates a workpiece and then you add operations such as surface milling, pockets, etc to cut away the workpiece until it matches the reference model. It wil also produce the CNC G-code as well as animated toolpaths.

If you don't have these modules you can try this, although you are going backwards. Create a new model and use the inheritance feature to get all of the finished models geometry. You can then add or remove any features and create the manufacturing processes. The inheritance feature is One Way parametric so when you change the original, the inheritance will update but not the reverse.
yup nc assem will work where you will have to specify the finished part .... raw material (cylinder i guess for you)....specify the tool etc...

you can find some great tutorials in staffordshire site .....on nc assem and expert machinist...



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