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IDD Move Vertex


New member
I have an imported step file that geometry check points out that I have bad vertices. What is the best way to attack this? There is what looks to be an extra curve in there but I am not able to delete it in IDD. The help file is not very helpful for the IDD tools. We have Precision LMS, but no luck there.



New member
Are you using IGES or STEP or something else? can you upload the import data? My suggestion to folks is to simply try stuff. I struggle like most with the move vertex because there seams to not be an OSNAP setting for literally moving vertexes. Like everything there are multiple ways to solve problems. Did you try to simply add a round to the geometry after the import? Is your goal to simply make a solid? Sometimes you can get a solid but not an STL and the vertices are the problem. If you upload the (or part) of the data I would like to take a look or email me [email protected]

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