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icon or mapkey to toggle between .drw and .prt (or .asm)


New member
Pro/E needs an icon or mapkey that will allow you to toggle between drawings and parts (or assemblies).

If I'm working on a part and I want to open it's drawing (which has same name but different file extension), I should only be one click away from getting there. Instead, we have to make several mouse clicks and sift through other files to get there.

Does anyone know a way to get this to work. What if I use J-link.

I made a flyout that has a mapkey for open drw, open asm, and open prt.

That may reduce your mouse clicks, but not to just one.

This is not exactly what you requested, but like the previous post it may be better than completely manual. In the Files -> Shareware scetion, I have uploaded a Toolkit app called Drawing Opener (shareware) that opens all drawings of the currently active part or asm into RAM. This is regardless of what the files are named ( ie. if a.drw is of b.prt, and you have b.prt open in current window, clicking one button will bring a.drw into RAM - along with any other drawinds of b.prt)

You would still need to do a File -> Open, but then only need to search In Session for the drw). It works with files, and all you need to do is point it to any (up to five) files and all search paths contained in all files (unlimmitted number) along with the current working directory will be examined for drawings. Best of all, it only takes a second or so to run. If you would like more details, please send me an e-mail: [email protected]

Good Luck,



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