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iassembly vs icopy cleanroom design


New member
What is the best technique, iassembly or icopy?

I have to model a cleanroom. Basically we have to supply wall panels
of different thickness and styles. Some panels will have cutouts for
outlets, door or windows, others will have varying thickness. I have a
panel assembly modeled but now I need to position these according to the floor
plan of the building. I've seen some of the previews of icopy
ITs been a while for me, but what I did before was make a proper assembly of a blank wall with some tabled dimensions from a common datum. For anything with cutouts or windows, Id make a specific drawingfor that. For my layouts I would make a dumb Ipart and make each wall panel to size and drop it into the layout assembly. Saves some time and you dont end up with a HUGE drawing package/files. Standard part library is a must for ceiling grids and such, but Iparts are the way to go for the walls.


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